1985 - Birth

start living


1986 - Start drawing


1987 - Fuck around

1988 - Fuck around

1989 - Fuck around


1990 - Start reading

Got my first computer Amstrad PPC 512

Played my first pc game: Castle


1991 - Boring School

Start reading books

Got my first console Super Nes 16Bit

Start practicing Karate


1992 - Hating school

1993 - Hating school

1994 - Hating school


1995 - Got my first Pentium II with Windows 95

Start using Corel Photopaint
Karate blue belt


1996 - Start using Adobe Photoshop 4.0


1997 - Boring Middle School

Start making quiz games with Powerpoint

Start playing music and drums

Start using music softwares


1998 - Start studing painting with a painter of my town: Ariberto Badaloni and his wife, the Sculptress Franca Frittelli


1999 - Boring High School - Graphic Design

Start practicing Ninjutsu

Start making games with Neobook and softwares with Multimedia Builder

Start going on inline skates


2000 - Start studing from video tutorials online

Tuscany Freestyler Inline Skate Champion

Start making videogames with rpg maker 2000 and the game factory


2001 - Italian Freestyler Inline Skate Champion

Start working as graphic designer for an exploiter


2002 - Hating school

2003 - Hating school


2004 - Driver's license and

ECDL computer license

Start using Maya


2005 - Frustrating High School - Fine Arts and Animation

Working as graphic designer for a dude... another exploiter

Trying to understand where to go


2006 - Academy of Fine Arts of Florence

Working as computer graphic teacher at NEMO NT Digital Academy of Florence

Start using Zbrush


2007 - Wanted to leave Academy because they don't teach anything and I was wasting my time, my mom convinced me to finish what I started


2008 - Start thinking what to do in the life after studied

Working in the summer with a general job doing a lot of stuff


2009 - Working for a graphic design company: Graphic Life... another exploiter


2010 - Trying to become a normal person

Start working as bartender in the summer

Start complaining about life, Italy, money and the school and the guide that I never had

Opening heavybrush

Start making t-shirts

Start practicing Parkour


2011 - Start realizing that people don't help you and that I am who I am

Stop complaining about life

Keep studing concept art, illustration, digital painting, 3D modeling, digital sculpting by myself

Start learning coding skills

Start studing Tuts Premium courses

Start making videogames with Game Maker Studio

Ninjutsu black belt 1° Dan


2012 - Lose any perspective of life


2013 - Start working as web designer, web developer, ui designer, front end developer with a friend in Rotterdam

Start studing Teamtreehouse courses

Start studing Gnomon Workshops and Eat 3D Courses

Start using UDK

Start using Unity 3D

Meeting my girlfriend Giulia at a comics fair: Lucca Comics


2014 - Go leaving in Rome with Giulia

Start studing Ctrl+Paint courses

Start using Ableton Live

Working for some companies in Rome as graphic designer

Start working as freelance concept artist, illustrator, 3D generalist in game industry


2015 - Working as graphic designer, web designer, web developer, ui designer, ux designer, 3D generalist, animator, front end developer, video maker for a company, in Italy there is no choice

Stop complaining about money for a while

Enter The Moshpit release


2016 - Leaving my job to go to Los Angeles and have an experience in America for two months building a game with game maker studio with some friends

Stop complaining about Italy for a while

Start using Aesprite

Start learning pixelart animations

Start learning shaders


2017 - Keep doing what I do


cv - english
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Daniele Vicinanzo